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13 Oct 2020 - 14 Apr 2021

Digital event

8-10 December 2020

Telford International Centre, UK

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 Flood & Coast digital series


After considerable discussion and research, we have taken the decision to transform our 2020 event from a face to face event into a series of four digital sessions tackling some of the major challenges of our time. The sessions will run from October 2020, up to our in-person event in Telford confirmed for 29th June – 1st July 2021. Additionally, we will host a digital ceremony for the Flood & Coast Excellence Awards 2020 on December 9th.

Dates and themes: 


13 Oct 2020 


Post-event report


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Session 1: Creating climate resilient places                                           |Add to calendar|

This session will showcase both the government’s new Flood policy statement  and the Environment Agency’s FCERM Strategy, setting out the ambitions over the coming decades. You will hear about the vital role nature based solutions will play in this, as well as how communities will be at the heart of the new approach as we face more extreme weather.


The session will consider the role of land use planning, which is so instrumental in shaping the places we live and work. You will hear how the planning system can and should help create more resilience communities through its available tools and levers, and how these may need to change in coming years.



This session will feature short overviews by the host and each speaker, followed by a panel discussion chaired by the host. Following this the panel will take questions from the audience to enable extensive consideration of the issues of most importance to delegates.


Terry Fuller | CIWEM and John Curtin | Environment Agency 

Welcome to Flood and Coast Digital


Hugh Ellis | Town and Country Planning Association

Chair and moderator


Jacky Huson | Southwell Flood Forum

Putting Communities at the heart of Climate Resilient places


Karen Thomas | Head of coastal management, Coastal Partnership East

The impact of coastal change on communities and how to adapt


Rebecca Pow MP | Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Defra

FCERM policy statement: Government’s priorities for managing flooding and coastal change in the face of climate change


Sir James Bevan | Chief Executive, Environment Agency

FCERM Strategy: A new direction for a resilient nation


Tony Juniper | Chair, Natural England

Nature-based solutions and their role in creating climate resilient places


The virtual panel will be joined by Julie Foley | Enviornment Agency and James Perkins | DEFRA.




09 Dec 2020 


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Session 2: Climate emergency: global leadership on adaptation      |Add to calendar|

As we approach the COP26 climate change summit in November 2021, we will consider how we are tackling climate change in the UK and overseas, and how experience from across the globe can help to achieve the government’s COP26 ambition to “put adaptation at the heart of everything we do”.


Hosted by Environment Agency Chair and Global Commission on Adaptation commissioner Emma Howard Boyd, this session will look at where the most acute challenges are being faced across the world. How are these nations and communities adapting? What can we learn from their experience? How can it be applied in the UK setting? And critically, how can we lead on climate-resilient recovery from Covid-19 and achieve our net-zero ambitions?


As the Global Commission state: “we face a crisis”, but “we can do it”.



This session will feature short overviews by the host and each speaker, followed by a panel discussion chaired by the host, Emma Howard-Boyd. Following this we will premiere 'Adapting for Tomorrow's Environment' produced by CIWEM and ASN Media and presenting the Environment Agency Flood and Coast Excellence Awards.


Emma Howard-Boyd | Chair, Environment Agency



Cora van Nieuwenhuizen | Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, Netherlands

Global adaptation to water and climate change – an international perspective


Dr. Saleemul Huq | Director of the International Centre for Climate Change & Development

Advancing adaptation in Bangladesh: From early warning to recovery


Sheela Patel | Chair of Slum/Shack Dwellers International, and a Commissioner

The Global Commission on Adaptation report: the urgency of action to prioritise climate resilience of vulnerable communities


Prof. Denise Bower OBE

Achieving business buy-in to adaptation and decarbonisation strategies  


Speaker to be confirmed

Achieving radical progress on adaptation and resilience at COP26



 03 Feb 2021


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Session 3: The new era of digital innovation in FCERM                        |Add to calendar|

The way we communicate, use, and receive information is constantly changing and that change has been accelerated by the Coronavirus pandemic. This change has also highlighted opportunities for communications and information technology to help the FCERM sector be more strategic than reactive. We have researched case-studies across the industry to find new and pioneering technologies that demonstrate how digital innovation can make FCRM more responsive, inclusive, and efficient.


The session will include examples from across academia, government, private, and public sectors and include an opportunity for you to get involved in the discussion on the future of our digital ambitions.



This session will feature short overviews by the host and each speaker, followed by a panel discussion chaired by the host, Myra Hunt. We will then launch the Flood Digital Exhibition, an exciting online exhibition which will show you how floods can change our landscapes and our lifescapes and wrap up the session with the CIWEM Young Environmentalist of the Year award.


Myra Hunt | Joint Chief Digital Officer, Defra




Innovative private sector projects


University of Hull and University of Lancaster

Innovative academic projects


Defra Digital

Innovative Government projects


Speaker to be confirmed

Innovative public sector project



 14 Apr 2021


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Session 4: Broadening innovative investment in FCERM                      |Add to calendar|

Hosted by Green Finance Institute Programme Director Emma Harvey, this session will explore the practical application of new and innovative funding solutions, including green finance initiatives within FCERM. It will highlight how financial partnerships can make a real different to managing the effects of climate change on flood and coastal erosion.


Current and emerging practical case studies will be shared and we will explore how partnerships can identify financial efficiencies and innovative funding solutions


We are currently working on confirming the speakers and programme for the 2021 digital sessions. Please check this page regularly for updates.


Information displayed about the programme is as accurate as possible but the organisers reserve the right to change the programme / speakers without notice.

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